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STEAM Tournament - Waterloo Region: Details coming soon!

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CMSA STEAM Tournaments

Get your curiosity ready for a day of STEAM fun and challenges!


Join us for a Canadian Minor STEAM Association tournament designed to inspire kids to explore STEAM in a fun, new way. 


Just like in minor sports, STEAM tournaments bring teams of kids together for fun science, technology, engineering, art and math activities and challenges. It's a fun, friendly competition with ribbons, trophies and bragging rights for who's the next STEAM Champion!

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Adults! Gather a team of kids in grades 4-8 to coach your very own STEAM Team! No special skills required...just an interest and passion for inspiring kids to be curious and creative. You'll get activities and coaching tips for your team.



Kids! Gather a team of up to 5 friends to create a STEAM team! Ask an adult (parent, family member, mentor) to be your coach for the day. You'll compete in the tournament together and have a tonne of fun taking on STEAM challenges. 



Volunteers! Join us to help encourage teams and score challenges and activities. 

It's a great way to share your experience and knowledge and have a lot of fun!

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Upcoming CMSA STEAM Tournaments

STEAM Tournament details coming soon!

What is a STEAM Tournament?

STEAM tournaments bring the fun, challenge and community of minor sports to science, technology, engineering, art and math activities. It's a fun, exciting day for kids in grades 4-8 to learn and explore STEAM.

STEAM Tournament

Who can join in?

CMSA STEAM Tournaments are open to teams of kids in grades 4-8. Teams include up to 5 kids plus an adult coach and assistant coach. Teams are open to all genders and we encourage teams of girls to join in!

Coaches gather the teams, register for the event and support their team throughout the tournament. Kids bring their energy and excitement to take on fun STEAM challenges!

What do teams do at a tournament?

Teams of kids take on 4-5 mini challenges throughout the day. These challenges might be designing a new solution, building something or using technology to solve a problem. All of these mini-challenges lead to a grand challenge where all teams compete to be named the tournament's STEAM Champion!

What does it cost to partipcipate?

It's free to participate! Thanks to a grant from CanCode 3.0, GenAction and our generous sponsors, participation in CMSA tournaments is at no cost.

What does a typical tournament look like?

A typical tournament day:

  • 11:30am-12:00pm - Teams sign in, pick up their competition pack and find their assigned team area.

  • 12:00pm - Welcome remarks and tournament kick off

  • 12:30pm - Science and Engineering Challenge

  • 1:00pm - Technology Challenge

  • 1:30pm - Design Challenge

  • 2:00pm - Tournament Grand Challenge

  • 3:15pm - Judging and break

  • 4:00pm - Awards and closing ceremony

  • 4:30pm - Tournament ends

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