Spring Break STEAM Training Camps - SOLD OUT

Spring Break STEAM Training Camps - SOLD OUT

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Join us for a FREE virtual Spring Training Camp experience!

    FREE Sessions Open to Everyone!
    Spring Training Camp Sessions

    LAUNCH and the University of Waterloo Faculty of Science bring you FREE online Spring Training Camps with special guests and at-home activities. Participate in these virtual camps to earn your Spring Training Camp badges and fill your LAUNCH Playbook.

    April 12-16, 2021

    Online Sessions 10am and 2pm daily

    Spring STEAM Training Camp Sessions


    Duration: Daily, April 12 to 16, 2021

    Time: 10:00am and 2:00pm

    This online program is drop-in and runs twice per day.

    Registration is required to participate in each session.


    Activities: Online and at-home activities. Participate and complete activities to earn badges.

    Best for: Children in grades 3-8

    Gender: Co-ed

    Delivery: Virtual with live special guests (synchronous) and includes off-line at-home activities.



    Brought to you by the University of Waterloo Faculty of Science and LAUNCH!

    April 12 - 16, 2021
    Collect STEAM Badges!

    Kids can participate in as many online activities as they'd like. We'll also provide at-home activities to spark their curiosity in STEAM!

    Collect your STEAM badges! Participate and complete activities to earn badges and fill up your very own STEAM Playbook.

    Spring STEAM Training Camp Schedule

    Monday, April 12

    10:00 am - Exploring This Week’s Sky with Jenna Hinds, Royal Astronomical Society

    2:00 pm - Survival of the Slowest with Little Ray's Nature Centre

    Tuesday, April 13

    10:00 am - Hand Lettering 101 with Emma Fretz, Lettering Artist

    2:00 pm - Virtual Planetarium Adventure with Ryan Marciniak, Astronomy in Action

    Wednesday, April 14

    10:00 am - Making Secret Art with Polarized Light with John Donohue, Institute for Quantum Computing

    2:00 pm - Matter Mysteries: Decoding the Puzzles of Molecule Patterns with Elizabeth Kleisath, University of Waterloo

    Thursday, April 15

    10:00 am -  Venom with Little Ray's Nature Centre

    2:00 pm - Snolab - Canada's deep underground research lab with Chelsea Pike

    Friday, April 16

    10:00 am -  Aliens and Robots: Space Exploration with Andrew Barlow and Elizabeth Drew, University of Waterloo

    2:00 pm - Fake News! How to tell Fact from Fiction in Science with Samantha Fowler

    Collect STEAM Badges!

    When you participate in our online and at-home activities, you earn STEAM badges. We'll send you the badges and a STEAM Playbook so you can collect them all!

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    Spring STEAM Training Camps

    Limited space available.

    Questions? Contact us at info@launchwaterloo.ca