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About The Facility.

A Place to Make, Innovate, Celebrate


The future belongs to communities that have a culture that breeds creativity and confidence.

Waterloo Region has experienced success in the innovation economy. Now we must focus on always being the place where the next big thing will happen. Things we can't even imagine today.

two people in an art exhibit
render of the LAUNCH Facility
a person using virtual reality
a young child using engineering tools

Creativity is a team sport. It's time to build our arena.

LAUNCH will be a permanent destination where our children can collaboratively learn to make and innovate...and where we can all celebrate our creative culture.

More than just a place for our youth to learn how to make things and innovate. It will be a place for all of us to be creative and celebrate our culture.

Just like the local hockey arena, LAUNCH will be a location where friends, family and the whole community can gather and socially support the growth of the next generation of creative minds. Whether it's a relaxing Sunday afternoon, a date night or a birthday party, every citizen will be able to experience our culture through interactive installations, a hall of fame and rotating exhibits that showcase the continual shaping of our community.

Welcome to LAUNCH

An astounding 40,000 sq ft, 5 floor, world class facility at the base of HIP Developments' new Strata condo development, coming to Waterloo. Learn more at