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A vibrant purple logo featuring a bright yellow flag, representing the excitement of LAUNCH Waterloo's Littles League program.


For kids in grades K-2

It's story time plus STEAM!

Designed for our youngest teammates, Littles League introduces STEAM concepts through stories. Each week, we read a STEAM-themed story and do hands-on activities related to the book. It's a fun, engaging way to inspire little ones to explore their curiosity and creativity in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. 

A smiling little girl excitedly holds up a rocket ship that she's made using colourful paper.


This season’s theme is “All things Winter!”

From winter sports to winter weather, join us as we explore the science all around us during the winter season.


Seven (7), 1-hour weekly sessions 

Participation in the End of Season Tournament

One of this season’s STEAM-themed books ($20-$30 value!)

Access to LAUNCH’s at-home STEAM Learning Portal

Note: Sessions require a minimum of 5 registrants per session to proceed. 


Have questions about LAUNCH's upcoming Littles League program?

Email us at

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