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Sphero Global Challenge!

A fun, global team challenge for kids ages 8-11

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Sphero in the Wild

This year's theme is Sphero in the Wild. Join a research team to compete in robotics events for early elementary students to middle schoolers

indi: To the Zoo!


A global challenge for kids ages 4-8

Program runs Saturday, Jan 21 and
Saturday, Jan 28
, 2023


Vidyard - 1 Queen St N, Kitchener

Participants will explore sequencing by creating a zoo and animal display using indi. Students have the option to use indi's colour tiles (no screens required) to demonstrate algorithmic thinking and pattern recognition or use block coding in the new Sphero Edu Jr app to program indi's behaviour and movement.

BOLT: Animal Behavior


A global challenge for kids ages 8-11

Program runs Jan 21 to Feb 11, 2023

Saturdays 2:45 to 4:00pm

Vidyard - 1 Queen St N, Kitchener

The study of animal behavior (Ethology) teaches us a lot about how animals interact with their natural environment, which provides valuable information on how to help conservation efforts for all animals.

BOLT is an extremely versatile robot. In fact, it can imitate your favorite animals if you program it to. 

In this Mission, your team of ethologists will program BOLT to imitate the lives, behaviors, and actions of some of nature’s most fascinating animals!

Participants will be challenged to complete mission objectives through different programming skills including loops, conditionals, variables, and functions. Participants will program BOLTs using block or text (JavaScript) programming in the Sphero Edu app. Participatns will demonstrate their skills in their final submission (virtual) for judging and evaluation.

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