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Team-based programs that inspire kids to explore science, technology, engineering, art, and math


LAUNCH brings all the best things about minor sports to STEAM programming.

Our team-based programs inspire children and youth to explore science, technology, engineering, art, and math in fun ways!

Kids meet after school and join teams led by coaches for hands-on activities that encourage curiosity, creativity and the courage to follow their passions. Coaches lead, encourage and inspire kids with fun activities, team challenges and maybe a few surprises along the way!

Check out our programming to learn more about how LAUNCH is making STEAM a team sport.

Two children in blue shirts and white pants sitting on a floor, engaged in an activity.
A vibrant purple logo featuring a bright yellow flag, representing the excitement of LAUNCH Waterloo's Littles League program.

Littles League

For kids in grades SK-1

Designed for our youngest teammates, Littles League introduces STEAM concepts through stories. Each week, we read a STEAM-themed story and do hands-on activities related to the book.


The official logo of LAUNCH Waterloo's STEAM League, featuring a paper airplane flying around the world and into the sky.

STEAM League

For youth in grades 2-8

STEAM League brings the team to STEAM! Coaches lead teams in hands-on science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities designed to build curiosity and creativity. 

A bright green emblem representing the world of coding and programming in LAUNCH Waterloo’s Code Club program.

Code Club

For youth in grades 4-8

At Code Clubs, young people use free, step-by-step project guides specially created by Code Club. LAUNCH provides support to help young people progress through  projects using block coding.

A joyful young girl engrossed in play, arranging vibrant squares on the floor with a smile on her face.
Two kids happily crafting at a table, using colorful materials to create their imaginative masterpieces.
A lively group of kids proudly holding a Team Panthers banner, showcasing their team spirit and unity.
A young boy happily playing with a Lego helicopter, exploring endless possibilities!
Three young girls sitting at a table with a sign on it, happily captivated in their drawings.
A young scientist in a lab coat and goggles, exploring the wonders of science with curiosity and excitement.
The LAUNCH Labs logo is a vibrant yellow emblem that represents the wonder and fun to be discovered in scientific books, activities, and games.

Ignite a child's curiosity and make learning an adventure with STEAM-themed slime, stories, hands-on activities, and more. Your purchase helps support LAUNCH and its programs.


LAUNCH programs reach children and youth to inspire them to explore science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). Our sponsors help us remove barriers and ensure all kids have the opportunity to participate.

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